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Let us help your team maximize their potential.
How do you define consulting? Is it about throwing more bodies into the fray? We believe there are too many firms that can rent you a body so that you can gain a numbers-driven false sense of confidence.
We also understand the law of diminishing returns. We believe that fewer, more experienced and dedicated developers truly working as a team can achieve great results.
We will bring everything we've learned in the last 20 years about building software and more importantly building teams that can build great software while having a great time doing so.
Although we prefer project-based work, we from time to time and for the right client will embed ourselves with your team and make it better from the inside.

Integrallis DevOps team has been involved in very large scale operations, in complex environments for some of its for Fortune 500 customers. Let us help you refine your DevOps practices to deliver value faster, sustainably.

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We have found Cassandra to be an amazing piece of engineering, combining the best no-single-point-of-failure distribution technology with a programmer friendly take on a column-oriented database.

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We provide on-site deep technical help, reviews and rescues.
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