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AngularJS Syllabus

Why MVC in the client?

  • Complex front ends

  • Encapsulation

Bootstrapping an AngularJS application

  • Using the ng-app directive

  • Understanding how the $rootScope works

What is a directive?

  • Teaches your old browser new tricks


  • Teaching JS new tricks

Initializing variables and evaluation

  • Using ng-init to initialize variables

  • Using the evaluation ({{ }}) directive to evaluate variables and expressions

  • Understanding how this works with the $rootScope

Initializing models for input types

  • Using the ng-model for input types

  • A brief look at Angular’s powerful automatic two-way binding

Controllers, Dependency Injection, and the View-Model ($scope)

  • Declare our first controller

  • Use the $scope to wire the view and the model

  • Evaluating models in the view

  • Understanding controller scopes

  • Understanding Angular’s dependency injection mechanism

  • Using the "alternative" syntax for declaring dependencies

    • Avoiding global functions

    • Skirting minimization issues

  • A brief look at the experimental as syntax and the need for it

  • Understanding how controller scopes work with $rootScope

Looping in the view

  • Using ng-repeat

  • Looking into ng-repeat’s `$index, $first etc

Invoking methods on the $scope

  • A look at ng-change and ng-click

  • Invoking methods on the $scope

"Posting" data

  • Using forms in the view

  • Data validation using HTML5 and Angular directives

  • Understanding the FormController and it’s attributes

Angular filters

  • Using Angular filters for filtering and text transformation

  • Looking at Angular’s in-built filters

  • Writing our own filter

Angular factories and services

  • Declaring a factory

  • Using factories for dependency injection

  • Difference between a factory and a service

  • A brief look at ng-provider

Routing within an Angular app

  • Configuring the application with $routeProvider

  • Declaring routes for our application

  • Using $routeParams to retrieve route and search parameters

AJAX within an Angular app

  • Using the $http service to make AJAX calls and updating the model on success/error

  • A brief look at $resource for REST-ful backends

Structure of an Angular app

  • Diretory/file layout of medium/large size Angular applications

Course Prerequisites

Intermediate Javascript knowledge

Onsite Training

Duration: 2 Days

Tagged under: angularjs mvc javascript angular2

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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