Mastering Drools 7

Master Rule-based Programming with Drools 7.0
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Mastering Drools 7 Syllabus

JBoss Drools Foundations:

  • Business Rules: Separating Policy from Code

  • Declarative Programming in Rule Engines

  • Understanding Rules in the context of a Rule Engine

  • Expert Systems and Expert Shells

  • Forward and Backward Chaining Explained

  • Architecture of a Rule Based System

  • Introducing Drools 7.0

  • Eclipse and the Drools IDE

  • Drools Expert: Rule Basics and Rule Syntax

  • Working with the KnowledgeRuntime interface

  • Working with Facts: Inserting, Updating, Retracting

  • Self-cleaning facts with InsertLogical

  • Querying the Engine

  • Unit Testing with Drools

  • Using JUnit to Test your Rules

  • Exploring Drools Architecture

  • Drools and Maven

Problem Solving with Drools:

  • Reasons to use Rule-based systems / Common Rule Technology Uses

  • E#cient Pattern Matching: The Magic Behind a Rule Engine

  • Fact Combinations and Permutations (cross product) Ordering Conditions

  • Basic Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Clashing Rules

  • Salience

  • Rule Families and Message Passing

  • Deep into the Rule Language

  • Using DRL files, organizing into domains and namespaces

  • Property Change Listeners (when to use them)

  • Globals

  • Understanding the Agenda

  • NoLoop

  • Operators and Elements

  • Eval and Inline Eval

  • Test-Driven Development with Drools

  • Using JUnit 4 to Test Rules

  • Developing the Loan Calculator using TDD

  • Rule Systems Design Considerations

  • Rules as first class citizens

  • Domain Object versus Rule Engine Objects

  • Using Rules in a Web Environment

  • Synchronous versus Asynchronous Rule Engine Usage

  • Stateless versus Stateful Knowledge Sessions

Advanced Topics:

  • Human Readable Rules: Domain Specific Languages in Drools

  • Integrating Processes and Rules using Rule Flows (Drools Flow)

  • Decision Tables

  • Storing and Managing your Rules with Drools Guvnor

  • Technical Rules and Business Rules

  • Rule Packages and the Global Package

  • Importing Rules

  • Creating Test Scenarios and using the QA module

  • Overview of Drools Deployment in a Java EE Environment

  • Options and Gotchas on Specific Application Servers and Frameworks (EJB3, Spring, Seam)

  • Drools Execution Server

  • Spring Framework Integration

  • Recipe Finder: A Java EE Web Drools Application (A Guided Lab)

  • Design Principles for Building Better Rule Systems

  • When and when not to use a Rule Engine

Course Prerequisites

This course is aimed at Java/Java EE developers with 2/3 years of programming experience looking to learn how to solve complex problems with the use of Rule Engine while at the same time extricating business policy from code and empowering business users.

Onsite Training

Duration: 3 Days

Tagged under: drools rules java

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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