Enter JavaScript

An immersion into the JavaScript programming language
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Enter JavaScript Syllabus


  • Functional, Prototype-based and Object-oriented Programming in JS

  • Foundations: Grammar, Syntax and Building Blocks

  • Functions in depth

  • Objects: Global Objects / Global Scope

  • Mastering Arrays

  • Methods

  • Prototypes and the Prototype Chain

  • Scope: Object visibility and Lifespan

  • Closures: Functional Programming with JS

  • Currying

  • Mastering JS Regular Expressions


  • Understanding DOM and Browser events

  • Listening to Events

  • Event Ordering

  • Canceling Events

  • The Event Object

  • Event Libraries

  • Context Change

  • Delegating Events

  • Custom Events


  • Using the HTML5 History API

  • Local Storage

  • COMET, Web Sockets and Server-Sent Events (SSE)

  • Canvas

Testing and Patterns

  • Class Inheritance Using Prototypes: Pitfalls

  • Structuring your code: Module/Prototype Pattern

    • Yabble

    • RequireJS

  • Unit Testing and Test/Behaviour-Driven Development with Jasmine

    • Headless browser testing with PhantomJS

  • Simplifying Javascript with CoffeeScript

    • OOP the right way

  • Working with Data

    • Loading in Data

    • Including Data Inline (Data Islands)

    • Loading Data with Ajax

    • Working with JSON and JSON-P

  • Security with Cross-Domain Requests

  • JSLint

Client-side Templating

  • Dynamically Rendering Views

  • Templates Engines

  • Template Storage and Loading


  • Using a CDN Auditors

  • Gzip Compression

  • Minification

  • Caching

  • Performance

  • API Docs

  • YUIDoc Example

  • Expires Header

  • HTTP Chunking

  • Nonblocking Downloads

  • Lazy-Loading

Course Prerequisites

A basic understanding of the Web, HTTP, HTML and CSS and some exposure to JavaScript.

Onsite Training

Duration: 2 Days

Tagged under: javascript web

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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