REST and Resource-Oriented Architecture Bootcamp
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REST and ROA Syllabus

By starting with REST API design, we will learn to think in terms of resources and build systems that can find uses beyond what we initially intend. Doing so will maximize our investments and free us from having to reimplement the same pieces over and over again.

We will learn how to produce stable URLs, hypermedia representations and resilient, scalable, evolvable systems. Also how to test REST systems and secure them. REST is not an end point though, it is a means to an end. It is also the gateway to a new way of building systems and sharing information.

The final day will be an introduction to a series of W3C standards that will revolutionize how you share information internally and on the Web.

This course will also help you understand how tensions between the business and technical sides of the house can be mediated by adopting resource-oriented technologies.

These provide information-focused, business-friendly solutions that grow with the organisation and its changing business needs.

You will also be exposed to the future of the Web that is being adopted by search engine companies, retailers, governments, the publishing industry and more to enable Webs of Data, not just Webs of Documents.

Course Prerequisites

Target Audience: If you are an experienced developer with a broad background in modern software development (and an open mind), this course is for you.

If you are a junior-to-mid-level developer, you will have fewer bad ideas to unlearn, but we will cover a lot of material.

Technical managers, software and data architects and others will also benefit from the course. The exercises should will not be too difficult technically, they are mostly thinking and design exercises. (Software developers should not worry, there is enough power and opportunity for creativity that you will not be bored!).

Onsite Training

Duration: 3 Days

Tagged under: rest, roa, soa, architecture

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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