RubyMotion: From sketch to App Store in 3 days!
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RubyMotion Syllabus

Part 1 - Foundation

  • iOS Overview

  • What is RubyMotion?

  • Why RubyMotion?

  • Getting Started

  • Hello World and the REPL

  • Feast your eyes with UIView

  • Structuring your RubyMotion App

  • TDD with Bacon

  • Frameworks overview, UIKit and controls, Foundation

Part 2 - Working with Data

  • Data in Mobile Applications

  • Data in iOS

  • RubyMotion, RubyGems and Bundler

  • Guard Motion

  • Exploring Gems: Motion Model

  • Developing your App’s Model

Part 3 - Tables

  • Creating a Table View (UITableView)

  • Creating a Detail View (Formotion::FormController)

  • Feature: Swipe to delete

Part 4 - Backend As A Service

  • Backend As A Service with Parse (BaaS)

  • Create a Parse Application

  • Vendoring: Installing 3rd Party Libraries

  • Implementing Sign up and Log in

  • Implementing Log out

  • Implementing Facebook OAuth Sign up and Log in

  • Integrating the Facebook SDK with CocoaPods

  • Associating Model instances with the Logged in User

  • Exploring Gems: ParseModel

  • Querying object in the Parse BaaS

  • Asynchronous Operations

Part 5 - Styling your App with CSS

  • Feature: Pull to Refresh

  • Styling your App with CSS: Pixate FreeStyle

  • Feature: Working with Images

Part 6 - Advanced Features

  • Advanced Gestures

  • Working with Images

  • Working with Video

  • CoreLocation

  • Working with Maps

Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Ruby Knowledge

  • Have used a phone not attached to a wall or in a booth

  • Apple Mac Computer

  • Configure your machine following

  • Training License will be provided to registered attendees

  • iOS device for testing (optional)

  • Desire to learn!

Onsite Training

Duration: 3 Days

Tagged under: ios, rubymotion, ruby

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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