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Total Gradle Syllabus

Part 1 - Introduction to Gradle

  • Gradle Lifecycle

  • Understanding the format of a Gradle application

  • Referencing Dependencies in Gradle

  • Creating the Various Tasks

  • Defining Inputs and Outputs for Tasks

  • Referencing External Jars in Tasks

Part 2 - Using Gradle Plugins

  • Importing Gradle Plugins

  • Using 3rd Party Plugins

  • Using the War Plugin

  • Publishing a Project

Part 3 - Customization

  • Customizing Gradle Structure

  • Optimizing Gradle use in Eclipse and IntelliJ

Part 4 - Creating Gradle Plugins

  • Creating a custom reusable build file

  • Creating a fully customizable Plugin

Course Prerequisites

Basic Groovy, Java knowledge

Onsite Training

Duration: 2 Days

Tagged under: gradle groovy build devops

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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