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DevOps puts an end to the unnatural separation between application development and operations. In our DevOps practice we have learned that high-performing organizations, continuosly integrate (CI) and deliver (CD). The gap between CI and CD is where the real power of DevOps lies.
A single pipeline, with tooling to glue it all together. DevOps bring the modern practices of software development into the world of "Infrastructure as Code". From hardware, VM and container provisioning to application deployment.
At Integrallis we have worked with traditional operations organization and those that have embraced modern DevOps practices. We understand the difference between in-house DevOps and cloud (and hybrid cloud) DevOps. From the needs of large organizations, to those of a startup. Whether you own one of more datacenters or you do everything on AWS we can help you streamline your operations.

Our Process


At this stage we'll evaluate your current software developent and delivery processes. Our aim is to indentify the gaps, roadblocks, and delays between fixes and improvements in your products reaching your customers.

Make a Plan

We'll put together the ideal scenario in terms of DevOps that will suit your organization and find a progressive plan to achieve it. From picking the right DevOps technology stack to helping you decide between the build vs. buy choices.


Implementing a DevOps plan is as much about changing the culture of an organization as it is about automating processes. As we prototype a software delivery pipeline we work on bringing your development and operations folks into a unified DevOps force.


Let's talk about streamlining your DevOps practices today.
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